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Realistic Lotus Flowers

Skill level: Beginner to Advanced

In this professional and detailed tutorial you will know how to make amazing realistic lotus flowers! This video tutorial contains 35 minutes of HD-Video that detailed describe process of creation.

After watching this video you will know:

  • how to make skinner blend with Polymer Clay;
  • how to make cane of petals;
  • how to make lotus seed pods;
  • how to make realistic lotus flowers;
  • which tools and materials you need to create this flower.

Current master-class will be understandable for a beginners who just start using polymer clay. If you are experienced craftsman then you’ll expand & improve your knowledge about creation process. Also you will see niceties of creation process.

Hope you’ll like this video!

Ludmila Bakulina
Ludmila Bakulina
I'm Polymer clay Artist, Photo and Video Tutorial maker. I work with polymer clay and the others medias.

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