Hello, my friend

Thank you, for your support and concern with my polymer clay art! I really appreciate it! Today I’m very happy to announce to you great news!

You are welcome to attend in Polymer Clay Virtual Workshop 2020, in which I plus 18 International Artists will reveal our best strategies in the creation of polymer clay art pieces with professional skills and joy.

It’s a wonderful opportunity to improve your skills, to learn something new and unique and also to get closer with many polymer clay artists!

Here is my polymer clay art project I want to share with you on this event:

Polymer Clay Virtual Workshop 2020 – MARCH 3th to 9th, 2020!

At this Polymer Clay Virtual Workshop 2020, you will learn not only Polymer Clay techniques, tips, and tricks but also about artists’ experiences, their paths as well as the way they get inspired, innovative, creative, and how they fell in love with this versatile medium.

Meet artists such as Adriana Allen, Angela Barenholtz, Christi Friesen, Diana Crialesi, Elena Marunich, Galina Milusenko, Gloria Uhler, Irina Korolevmoto, Ivana Brozova, Klio Tsaliki, Laura Orihuela, Lisa Pavelka, Ludmila Bakulina, Lyn Gill, Nicole Panda, Pinelopi Mavroudi, Ronna Sarvas Weltman, Sandy Huntress, Svetlana Pavlova.

We have prepared masterclasses, Video Tutorials, Inspirational Artists’ Artwork Videos. And you can buy a Pack we have prepared with all tutorials, masterclasses, bonuses, and audios.

Register NOW! You have nothing to lose and much to gain. Request your free admission to this virtual workshop by clicking on this link:

I’m waiting for you!

Polymer Clay Virtual Workshop 2020 Masters

Ludmila Bakulina

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  1. Dar

    I am very excited about this event! Thank you so much! I have registered! I wish all of you great success. We will have fun learning! Thank you! Blessings and Re Jouir -Darlene

  2. Nuha

    Dear Ludmila, I am polymer clay addict person, and an old fan of you, I am addicted to your you tube channel. I am from Sudan where we are under economic sanction for almost 23 years. This sanctions prevented us from exchanging skills and experiences with an intrnational artists like you and can not order any products and materials from amazon, Ali express, or even your sites. I pray to Allah to free us from this sanctions soon so that we can get the chance to enjoy materials and tutorials that you offer on your sites.

    1. Ludmila Bakulina

      Hello, dear Nuha!
      I’m so sorry about the problems you have! I also hope for a better future for you and your peoples!
      With best wishes!

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