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In this video tutorial, I want to share with you my technique of creating a Reach look Phone and Card Holder totally from polymer clay Kato and Premo. It came out very strong and durable with an expensive look!

Tools and materials:

How to make a base template for the phone holder

Creative polymer clay process:

  1. Step 1. Conditioning and texturing the clay.
    When I conditioning the clay I add a softener in the clay. So the clay becomes more flexible and easy for manipulations… The bronze sheet of clay thickness is around 1,5mm, I rolled it on setting #3 of my Atlas150. After that, I put the sheet of clay through the pasta machine with my super-thin texture sheet for leather imitation (I used set #2).
    The black Kato clay I rolled on setting #2 of my Atlas150 – it is nearly 1,6mm.
  2. Step 2. Trimming the clay for needed size.
    After all prepared, we can start to make the first part of the phone holder. I decided to make the phone and cards holder around 10cm wide. So I trimmed both sheets of clay in nearly 10cm wide. The textured sheet of clay I put on the top of black clay. I also made fake stitching on a surface, but you can decorate it on your own mind.
    Now it is ready for 1st baking! I will bake it 40 minutes at 155″C, starting from a cold oven.
  3. Step 3. Creating the bottom part of the phone/cardholder! I did the same manipulation with clay as I did for the top part. The leather texture I used will be in stock very soon.
  4. Step 4. Gathering together Top and Bottom of the phone holder!
    Before I will gather two part of the case I need to be sure that everything is fit good together!

    Then I’m applying the liquid clay/paste on the baked part of the holder and glue it to the raw clay. I’m pressing all the sides of the holder to be sure it is glued well! Before the next baking, I’m checking everything many times.
    Now it is ready for baking, and I will bake it on a flat surface on a paper (glass), I will bake it 40 min at 155″C and after baking I will cool it down in the cold water.

  5. Part 5. Finishing the phone and business cardholder.
    After baking, I covered the surface with Gilders paste again and then I sprayed it with the gloss and satin clear acrylic varnish.
  6. And now we have done it!

I hope you enjoyed this video tutorial. And you got a lot of inspiration from it. Let me know what do you think about this tutorial and information I prepared for you! This is very important for me!

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Ludmila Bakulina 

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  1. Jo Roseborough

    Great idea. It looks like a lot of work, but the finished piece is awesome.

  2. Nancy Woolweber

    What is the tool you use to make the stitching look on the sides of your card holder. I’d like one of those but did not find it on your site.

  3. sandra pelveca

    Your links are either broken or pages no longer available, shop closed, out of stock. It’s the same for you website. So many things out of stock, missing information and zero customer service. Why?

    1. Ludmila Bakulina

      Hello Sandra!
      It is because of Covid((
      Now everything is in stock, but shipping is still available not for every country!

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