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I want to share with you what was on my table a few weeks)) This jewelry set was made first and it was not easy to come with the design, shapes, and finishing. But I’m really happy with the result and decided to make a series of video tutorials on how to make such Necklace

I already made a video tutorial on how to make such an interesting bracelet. And you can learn it here: How to make Retro Style Bracelet Cuff. Fimo Leather

The next my video is also just finished the video on how to make such swirled galaxy beads in cute frames: Polymer clay Framed Swirled Beads

My next video tutorial will be on how to make a Picasso Style Faux Fused Glass pieces, which can be finished in many different pieces of jewelry like pendants, brooches, necklaces, and others.

I also will make a video tutorial on how to design such an extraordinary and complicated necklace, how to complete it in the finished result – in wearable art!

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