Faux leather phone case from Fimo Leather effect – “Vegan Leather”

I made my 1st phone case completely from polymer clay Fimo Leather Effect for my new Samsung S10+. Video Tutorial on how to make such case is coming soon!

This phone is a gift for me from my dearest husband. And usually I put my phone into my little backpack with motorbike keys, coins and other things. So my previous phone got some scratches on it screen and its really not nice.

My 1st Faux Leather Phone Case from amazing polymer clay Fimo Leather Effect 2

So, now my new phone will be protected and safe in such cool handmade case! This is my first case for phone, but I want to make more cases in different styles.

Front side of my phone case:

Back side:

By the way, I recorded a video material on how to make this case. So soon there will be a video tutorial on making Faux Leather Case for Phone from polymer clay.

Tools and materials I used for creating this unique phone case

My handmade silicone textures which I used for making this phone case:
“Water drops” silicone texture.
“Crocodile Skin” leather №2 silicone texture.

Polymer clay I used is Fimo Leather Effect:
FIMO Effect Leather / Rust (749);
FIMO Effect Leather / Ocher (179).

Clear Silicone stamps:
Clear Silicone Stamp “FEATHERS”.
– Clear Silicone Stamp “Dandelions”.

Pan Pastels color:
PanPastel / Black

I hope the information in this post were interesting for you, friends! Please, do not hesitate to leave a comments, questions or what do you think about this phone case I made. 😉

And I wish you a great inspiration and artistic success!
Best regards,
Ludmila Bakulina

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My 1st Faux Leather Phone Case from amazing polymer clay Fimo Leather Effect 16

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