Hello friends! 

In this video tutorial, I want to share with you how to make a Perfect Image Transfer on raw polymer clay using laser printed pictures and nail polish remover.

After the image was transferred on raw clay, there will become some reaction with laser inks and raw polymer clay and the image will become sticky. So you can’t touch them with your fingers or anything else. And you have to be careful when creating and finishing the project while it wasn’t be baked!

Tools and materials where used in this video tutorial:

Polymer clay Premo (white+pearl);
Laser printed pictures;
Nail polish remover;
Cotton circles;
Markers or pencils – are not necessary;
Acrylic roller;

Silicone textures: FAUX LEATHER

Polymer clay cutters: CUTTERS

2 pcs set Stainless Steel blades, size 4″ and 8″

Deli Paper Sheets (50Pcs) for Polymer Clay

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  1. Lynda Forbes

    Would love one on inkjet printer images!

  2. Jo Roseborough

    Nice test! Thanks for sharing. Love your results.

  3. Marilyn

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your wonderful knowledge and art with us! I hope you know how much it means to us in this very difficult time. Stay well. ❤️Marilyn ❤️ ? ❤️ ?

  4. Artie Johnson

    So pretty, love this technique. I will definitely be trying this. Thanks so much for sharing your video with us. You are a awesome teacher. Thanks again ❤️

  5. I accidentally got a really good image transfer recently, and I didn’t use any solvent at all! What did it was heat.

    I was using a piece of scrap paper under a white piece while baking it, and I didn’t notice that there was some printing on the paper. After I took the piece out, I found that the printing had stuck to the back of my piece, and left a very clear image. I think this is worth experimenting with further, but would only really work well on a flat piece.

    1. Ludmila Bakulina

      Thank you for sharing this way! Yes, I know about this method, but it is really can be used on more flat surfaces. Thank you!

  6. Karen Harris

    As always, I thoroughly enjoy your detailed tutorials. You have provided an inexpensive and easy way to do image transfers. I’m excited to try this technique.

  7. Виктория

    Спасибо огромное за урок!
    Ваши эксперименты, как всегда, очень поучительны и полезны…

  8. Becky

    Recently bought a laser printer and was hoping to do this technique. Now I know how! Thank you, saved me all the trial and error. Can’t wait to try it out.

  9. Maria

    Hi Ludmila I love your tutorials where can I get the image download to print please for image transfers

    1. Ludmila Bakulina

      Maria, thank you! There many places where you can find the pictures, Pinterest for example! You just need a laser printer, or probably even xerox))

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