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  1. Dar

    Hello! Love the pics, thank you! I have ordered these CF products through Trish Hodgens of PolyClayPlay. She had a sale!!!I am very fortunate to have the means to order products to use to learn! Yes, sales are very important to us! We manage our funds. At our age, we always need to consider what the future may bring! I am working to learn these crafts, hope to develop some artistic and design capabilities, and just maybe create work that others may care to own! “How do we make our talents our own?” We study. We practice. We develop a talent. We gain knowledge. And then we just may be able to have the wisdom to see a path that we developed. In this journey of mine, I will always give credit where credit is due. I will always direct other good souls to look at the path that I followed. These are the right ways to learn. Without our past, we may not be where we are today! In the restaurant business, most customers will not go to just one restaurant. If the customers can easily go across the street to another restaurant, then we benefit. They appreciate us for our generosity! And as a community, we share success! I am fortunate! Excited to learn! And grateful for the opportunity! Thank you! Blessings and Re Jouir -Darlene

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