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  1. PATTY

    Hi on the woo d grain video on the left side of screen is another texture or grain was curious about that almost like a abalone abalone or wood burl effect can you comment on that. wod grain very nice. also I missed what sheet color did you place on oyour translucent layer. was it pearl or another shade of transparent. very nice stuff

  2. Dorothy

    I really love the whole techniques in making these beautiful pendants and I am a pendant person. I love the to me the easy and clean way of putting the frame on and especially adding the bail and using resin for a secure bonding. I truly love this video full with inspiration. You always take things to a new level . I have to check out the other video where you mix the white and pearl to get the ratio. Thank sweetie for a great tutorial which I know I will make before I stop making jewelry for a while like I do every year, the end of March is my deadline ????

  3. Anki

    Thank You, now I figure out how to se all my Patreon videos❤️?
    Just clicked on order and there all the videos where?

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