Preparing for the Christmas and New Year – an incredibly enjoyable and exciting process. On the eve of the New Year we are preparing gifts, decorate our homes with New Year’s decorations, put the New Year trees, make up the menu!

Elegant garland and stunning handmade composition, shiny Christmas balls and flickering candles – all this inspires and fills a marvellous sense of wonder on the eve of the coming New Year 2016.

So I decided to prepare for you a small master class in decorating these pine cones!

In this New Year’s tutorial I will show you how to turn an ordinary pine cones in a Christmas toy. Such decorated cones of course you can use also as a decoration for the Holiday table, or other places in your home, and for the beautiful and unique gifts!

For this we need these materials and tools:

  • Pine cones
  • Mini Hand Drill
  • Pins with thread
  • Brush (can be a toothbrush)
  • Pliers
  • Foam brush
  • Acrylic colours: silver and gold
  • Patina. If you don’t have Patina, you can take any colour of acrylic paint
  • Thin ribbon for tying cones.

Let’s get started. At first you need to clean the cones, here I use the tool for sculpture – two-sided brush. I decided not to wash the cones, to avoid losing a pleasant pine smell – just prettier cleaned all the “petals” of cones. After that, we drill not a deep hole, only a couple of mm and is screwing pin with pliers into the cone – can be pre-greased with glue.

I use patina for toning scales of cones, of course you can use any acrylic paint. Simply put a little paint on a foam brush and point movements toning our cone, colouring it only slightly over the whole length.

The paint dries quickly, so almost immediately we can proceed to the next stage of dyeing cones. Take the acrylic paint in silver or gold colour and apply it to foam. Next, lightly toning extending space of cones without painting over the previous colour. This will give our cone flicker and shine.

Well, then, try different variants of colouring the cones! I tried maximally preserve the naturalness of cones.

Next, prepare the ribbon for hanging our natural Christmas decorations.

Thread the ribbon through the eye of a pin, tying a double knot, and then bow and ribbon overtighten so that the bow was near the pin.

Our New Year toys are ready!

Thank you for your attention, I hope my tutorial will be useful to you and new New Year toys will delight you and your loved ones! Such toys in own performance will also be a great gift for friends and loved ones you people!

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