In this master class, I’ll show you how to use amazing Pebeo Prisme Fantasy paints to create bright, unusual & beautiful jewelry.

There is a small introducing of Pebeo Prisme Fantasy paints. Video you will find after it.

Pebeo Prisme Fantasy

Pebeo Prisme Fantasy – is relatively new paint, which is not so popular in the Internet and not often can see useful information and are any more interesting lessons with this paint.

My first try

When I saw a few jewellery items from authors who used these paints I also want to try to do something with this paints! Before I created this tutorial I try to use this paints and there is what I got:

What we need?

So, to start work we need:

  • Paint Pebeo Prisme Fantasy;
  • Base bezels made from polymer clay (you can take  some ready blanks or you can make your own from polymer clay);
  • tooth sticks;
  • wet wipes;
  • rubber gloves (optional).

Choose any colours you like. I recommend take two or more colours, then patterns will be more interesting!

Paint stir well with a toothpick and intensely shaken by the hand.

Next, put paints one by one after the other different colours of paint, preferably between applications of different colors pause for about 1 minute, because fresh paint very well mixed and pattern will not work.

After the application of different colors – with a toothpick draw different patterns or specific image 🙂 In general, this process is quite creative, And here up to you, what patterns and colors you choose!

Until the paint dries and thickens – picture will change and spots that are typical Pebeo Prisme Fantasy, will grow, and change the image! 😉

In while using this paint, I found – well, very unpredictable paint !! With a very surprising effect!

Paint dries pretty quickly such that it is no longer flowed – you need to wait about 15 minutes, 40-50 minutes, you can touch it (although I do not recommend – as it is still tacky and leave marks), well and in the morning (I usually do my hobby in the evening) it is completely dried up and no longer stick and all! In the description of the manufacturer’s specified – complete hardening within 72 hours (same with epoxy resin)

So, let’s watch

Video Tutorial Vol.1: “Forest Flowers”

Video Tutorial Vol.2: “Oasis in the desert”

Video Tutorial Vol.3: “Wild Poppies”

Video Tutorial Vol.4: “Night Fire”

Video Tutorial Vol.5: “Sea Storm”

The last step. Delicious step!

In another video tutorials author stoped on this step! But I pour all my workpiece with Pebeo Prisme Fantasy paints with epoxy resin!

And in my next video tutorial I will show how I do this:

I hope you liked my introductory lesson! Waiting for your feedback and comments! Put “like” and share a lesson with others;)

Thank you for your attention!

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    Do you make your own bezels? If not where do you get them?

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