Ludmila Bakulina

My name is Ludmila Bakulina and I’m Polymer clay Artist, Photo and Video Tutorial maker. I work with polymer clay and the other media.

I love polymer clay for its endless possibilities! You can do with this media anything you want – leather, wood, stones, glass, seashells, cloth or any metals looks like! You also can use it for any figurines projects, any floristics projects, or any pieces of home decorations!

In the future, I hope so, I will be a real polymer clay tutor and teacher because I want to start making workshops and classes! Because for me also very important personal connection with the people! I know how can be inspirational the personal approval and support of what you doing, so I believe that me, as well as the others people, can inspire the others polymer clay lovers on starting to do something new from this amazing media!

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You can find my jewelry, tutorials, tools & materials
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My Jewelry


I love to create beauty by my hands and I put in my works a piece of my soul and my good mood to give away them to people to make them happy!

For making not usual pieces I’m getting my inspiration from the nature around me: flowers and trees, sky and rivers, valleys, forests and mountains! I love to create interesting and unusual jewelry pieces from polymer clay and they are one of a kind an very special for me as my Art creations.

If you want to have a part of me – then visit my Jewelry shop!

My Polymer Community on Patreon

I want to invite you into a very exited and lovely Polymer Clay Journey with me! If you want to learn many interesting and useful, unique and extraordinary, breathtaking and incredible things about Polymer Clay and related materials, tools and other things – join to my Polymer Community on Patreon!